Other Services

What other services can we offer you?

Other Services from ClientMailer

Over the 10 years of our existence we have developed other services that complement our core email marketing services. These services typically help you grow your email list, or to get better results from email marketing.

The other services we offer include:

  • Sign Up Pages – pages on your website where people can sign up to receive your emails.
  • Email Preference Centre – a web page that allows your subscribers to change their preferences and to fill in their profile.
  • Marketing Automation – sometimes also called auto responders. We can create Programmes for you that convert prospects into clients for example. Or upsell or cross-sell your existing clients.
  • E-Commerce Services – An Abandoned Basket Campaign lets you target people who put something in your basket but didn’t go ahead and buy. An Attrition Campaign targets people who used to buy regularly from you but have stopped buying. Both can be highly effective in increasing revenue for e-commerce companies.
  • Outsourced Service – for a select number of clients we manage their email marketing on their own email marketing platform.
  • APIs – these are custom bits of software we create just for you that automatically link your database with our database. This extra data can be used to drive up engagement by sending more relevant emails.