Self Service Email Marketing

What is self service email marketing?

ClientMailer self service email marketing

Our Self Service Email Marketing service lets you send branded emails to your clients and prospects using our easy-to-use online service. Whenever you want to send an email, you logon your account, create your email using your template and send it out.

What are the benefits?

The 4 main benefits of using our self service email marketing service are:

  • Your email will stand out. We design you a unique mobile friendly email template with your branding, and the look and feel of your website.
  • You get an Email Marketing Strategy Workshop. A session at your offices or ours where you’ll learn what to say in your emails and what works in email marketing.
  • Training. We also train you how to use the system and you’ll save time as our system is very easy to use.
  • Support. If you have any technical issues you can contact your Account Officer in the UK who also knows your business and can advise you on all aspects of email marketing.

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