Content Creation

What is our Content Creation Service?

Content Creation Service from ClientMailer

One of the biggest trends in email marketing is to make your marketing useful by sharing valuable information with your clients and prospects. This technique is sometimes called Content Marketing. It can be very effective as it positions you as the expert. It helps you to retain existing clients and encourages them to buy other services and products, as well as converting prospects and can generate new leads as well.

What are the benefits?

The 3 main benefits of our content creation service are:

  • Relevant Ideas. People receiving your emails want good content, but what is good content? We identify content topics that are relevant to your clients and prospects and will help your business.
  • Well written content. We take the content ideas and turn them into useful content that is easily digestible by your audience. This could involve using some of your existing content or creating new content. For many of our clients as well as copy writing emails we also produce high impact branded PDFs.
  • Saving you time. By using us you know high quality content will be created while you can focus on other activities within your business.

How can we help you?

The Content Creation Service covers writing your email and email newsletters and other supporting content like PDFs or even content for your website or blog. We can take your content and make it email friendly with suitable links to your website. It can fit in with the results of your Email Marketing Strategy Workshop.