Our Services

ClientMailer email marketing services

We have developed our services over 10 years in response to our client needs and requests with one goal: To help you get results from your email marketing.

Our main services include:

Email Marketing Services

  1. Managed Email Marketing Service

    We do practically everything for you including strategy, design, writing the email if you want as well as sending your emails out and reporting back with recommendations.

  2. Self Service Email Marketing Service

    We train you to use our powerful and easy-to-use Software to send emails out yourself.

  3. Email Marketing Software

    Easy-to-use software so you can stay in touch with your clients and prospects.

  4. Email Marketing Strategy Workshop

    We brainstorm ideas for content and emails that will be of interest to your clients and prospects and help you achieve your goals. You will also learn techniques that work in email marketing.

Email Design Services

  1. Email Templates

    Bespoke mobile friendly HTML emails that are based on your branding and if required the look and feel of your website including:

  2. Newsletters

    Newsletter emails need to look good and be easy to update (especially if you are doing the updating yourself)

  3. Sales Emails

    Typically you have a few seconds or less to get someone to read your sales email.

Other Related Services

  1. Content Creation Services

    The Content Creation Service covers writing your email and email newsletters and other supporting content like PDFs or even content for your website or blog.

  2. Other Services

    These include Sign Up Pages, Email Preference Centre, Marketing Automation, E-Commerce Services, Outsourced Service