What is a Testimonial Email, and Why is it So Powerful?

One of the most effective emails that you can send is a Testimonial Email. What’s a Testimonial Email? As the name suggests it simply gives some examples of how you’ve helped other people. At ClientMailer we highly recommend every client should create a testimonial email, or maybe even a few testimonial emails if you have […]

3 Key Steps to Successfully Starting Email Marketing

3 Key steps towards successful email marketing by ClientMailer

So you’ve decided it’s time to use email marketing to grow your business and build your brand. Congratulations! So how do you start? Here are 3 questions that will ensure you head in the right direction and avoid common mistakes in email marketing. 1. Who are you going to email? You should only email people […]

Targeting Hot Prospects

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Most Email Marketing Broadcast Services let you track who’s opening your emails and who’s clicking which links. Many businesses are not making the best of this information. Here is the single most powerful email marketing strategy I have come across. It generates more leads and business for my clients and myself than any other strategy.