Getting Results from Email Marketing

Why you’re not getting the results you want from email marketing

getting results from email marketing

Are you satisfied with your results from email marketing?

If you are not here are the top 3 reasons we typically find for not getting the results you want.

1. No clear objectives or unreasonable expectations

Email marketing is very effective at building your brand and sales in certain situations. However, in our experience it is less effective in other situations.

These are the objectives that are more likely to be achieved:

  • Selling more to your existing customers.
  • Introducing new products and services.
  • Getting existing prospects to convert into clients.

Here are some situations where you may be disappointed:

  • Targeting people who don’t know you (i.e. you bought a list or, even worse, you harvested email addresses off the internet).
  • Expecting very fast results.

2. Wrong content

Are you sending too many sales emails? In our experience people are (sometimes!) happy to buy, but many do not appreciate being sold to.

If you want to sell more, send less sales emails. Instead of always selling, try sending valuable content in your emails.

What is valuable content?

  • It might be a How To article on your website, blog or in PDF format.
  • Or a video
  • Case studies provided they are written to educate and not to sell.

3. Not doing it regularly and following up

People are understandably worried about sending too many emails and being accused of spamming. But you can also send too few emails.

What is the minimum number of emails you should send?

  • Generally you should aim to send at least 4 emails a year out.
  • Less than that and people start to get out the habit of reading your emails and may even forget they signed up or agreed to receive your emails.

What is the most effective email marketing strategy?

  • Look at people who opened your email multiple times, or clicked links or forwarded it
  • Some of those people may be ready for the next step.
  • So depending on your sector and sales process, it may be worth contacting some of those people by phone, another email or another way.

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