Email Marketing isn’t SPAM

Email Marketing can be highly effective and it isn’t SPAM

Email marketing is a valuable technique

Most of us receive far too many emails and delete most of them or don’t read them. As a business owner or manager you may feel “All email marketing is spam, I don’t want to add to the problem”.

That’s fine and no-one wants to be called a spammer! There are 2 different definitions of spam.

1. Sending unsolicited emails to people who don’t want to receive them

This is against the law and regulated by the Data Protection Act. An examples might be a company who buy a list of email addresses and start emailing those people even though they have not given permission.

All reputable email marketing companies check your data

As an email marketing company the last thing we want is to deal with spammers. They damage our reputation and that of our other clients.

2. Emailing people irrelevant content or special offers that aren’t of interest

In this situation you may have bought something from a company. Next thing you are deluged with emails asking you to buy more stuff!

The Golden Rule of Email Marketing is “Think of the Reader”

Ask yourself the question: if I received this email would I be interested? One of the most effective email marketing strategies is to make your email useful (and ClientMailer can help you do this).

Or perhaps you think “email marketing doesn’t work!”

Even if you are not spamming, will you get results?

According to the Direct Marketing Association “Email has an average ROI of £38 for each £1 spent”

The main benefits that our clients see from email marketing include:

  • Existing customers are retained and spend more.
  • Existing customers buy other services and products, and new products are introduced.
  • More new customers as emails are forwarded to friends, family and colleagues who may be interested in what you do.

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