Sales Emails

What are Sales Emails?

Email marketing sales emails for a restaurant by ClientMailer

Sales Emails are emails where you sell a service or product to the people on your list. Typically you have a few seconds or less to get someone to read your email.

The most effective sales emails complement your business and any other marketing that you may be doing.

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What are the benefits?

The 3 main benefits of sales emails are:

  • Clarity. You can spell out exactly the benefits of your service or product with photos if relevant.
  • Hot Prospects. If you are using an email marketing system like ClientMailer you can identify people who are interested and follow them up if appropriate.
  • Educating your customers. Sometimes a sale will take weeks or even months or years. By giving people information and reasons why they should consider a product or service you are moving people through your sales pipeline.

How can we help you?

We can advise you on an Email Design that will help you achieve your goals with a Mobile Friendly Email if required. We can also write the email for you and send it out for you under our Managed Service and create content for you. Alternatively if you are a client you can use the Self Service option and send it yourself.