Who We Are

Peter Davey

Peter Davey General Manager of ClientMailer

General Manager. Main responsibilities: Email Strategy and Implementation for clients and to ensure 100% satisfaction for customers. Also does Business Development.

  1. Worked in international banking and marketing consultancy.
  2. He has created and implemented Sales & Marketing plans for over 20 companies in a wide variety of sectors.
  3. Has an MBA from Cass Business School in London. As well as being a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), he has taught the CIM “MIMD” course to marketers studying for their Diploma in Marketing.
  4. “Fanatical” about helping firms get the best results from email marketing.

The Fun Bit

When he’s not working, inordinate amounts of time are spent at the local Virgin Active where he swims, drinks (too many!) espressos and reviews restaurants with like-minded people.

Alain Prigent

Alain Prigent Creative Director ClientMailer

Creative Director. Main responsibility: Creating eye-catching designs for emails and ensuring other content for clients stands out and helps them achieve their objectives.

  1. Has over 10 years experience designing email templates and web sites, and over 20 years in graphic design.
  2. He has worked with a wide variety of clients in the many sectors including French magazines as well as designing postcards and creating cartoons.
  3. His ability to respond accurately and with flair to a client’s brief frequently results in
    complimentary feedback from ClientMailer’s customers.

The Fun Bit

Alain Prigent plays several instruments (djembe, guitar and bass guitar) and spends at least one evening a week jamming with friends. He is also often seen strolling down the beach at sunset accompanied by his wife, his dog and several of his dog’s friends.

Anadi Taylor

Anadi Taylor IT Director ClientMailer

I.T. Director. Main responsibilities: Setting technical standards for email templates so they look good in all email software, and ensuring 100% compliance. Troubleshooting any issues. Programming emails with Responsive design so they are mobile friendly. Working with clients on advanced areas including APIs so their database is integrated with ours and also specific tools like Abandoned Basket emails.

Has worked at some of the UK’s top firms with the most advanced IT departments. Key assignments include work with Blue Chip companies including:

  1. 3 years at Shell Oil programming their DEC VAX computers as well as their IBM’s.
  2. JP Morgan where he continued to hone his programming skills.
  3. In addition Anadi has worked with SMEs and saved them money and time by developing Microsoft applications, Database applications and E-commerce products.

The Fun Bit

Kung Fu (he has spent time in China training with the Shao Lin Monks) and Snowboarding. He is often seen as a blur down the French Alps over the Christmas period. Also music, both listening to and playing.